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I have been using AnEx since last year and couldn’t be happier. I use their services for myself and a new analyst we hired. We are a small fund ($75 million) like you and, for similar reasons, chose to identify a resource that fit our budget while also being sensitive to the quality of what I was paying for.

A couple of key things for me and why I am a strong supporter of AnEx:

  1. I wanted access to a sharp, deal experienced group of folks that I could speak with directly. There are other groups that provide “class room” training and are destination oriented, meaning you have to pay to send someone somewhere for a few days and pray that all their questions are answered. That simply isn’t realistic nor financially prudent in my opinion. An example would be Wall Street Training and I would not recommend them at all.

  2. The folks at the AnEx have an efficient process for training someone to build models and analyze transactions in excel (they even trained me using my Apple computer!). The key is that while they understand how to communicate the “mechanics” of using excel and building models, they also teach you about applying these skills to actual transactions.

  3. The availability of the “professors”, the efficient process they use to teach, and the ability to have Q&A in real-time is where the overall value comes from.

  4. If you have a speaker phone (I use my iPhone) and  a laptop/PC you can learn from anywhere. Not having to travel pays for a few months of the subscription...

  5. This is the best overall value you are going to find in my opinion and I have reviewed a number of the training companies prior to choosing AnEx.

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Your service is an excellent one, and we plan to have several new hires take the program in the winter/spring or spring/summer. Chris will be coordinating this for us.

You are the man!
My PayPal account is going to last into perpetuity with you!! It’s worth it.
I have a deal working so hopefully we can go live in a couple of weeks. Have a great weekend and as always I appreciate your willingness to teach me!

just used your training xls as ref doc for a
Director role interview at M*******t (Fortune 50 company), which incl respb for a $100M+ annual P&L - think it really helped!

Hi Paul and Obed,
Hope all is well with you, its been awhile and I see your company looks like its growing/evolving in these times of economic re-set.
Since we spoke last, I've finished up a couple of projects at ***** (Fortune 50 company), one of which is the partner profitability modeler tool (v4).  It has received multiple VP-level recognition, including a couple of demo's in front of 10,000+ business professionals in our WW Partner Conference - pretty cool stuff. 
And, since the training I took with you helped refresh my P&L expertise which helped in building the modeler can take pride in what an 'alumni-student' accomplished.  Let's stay in touch...